Tuesday, August 6, 2013

August august augussssxzzzzt, or W(h)ine & Wood


The fridge repair man just left. Still kaput but one step closer- he's ordered a part and asked us to call him when it arrives at our home. Ugh, for realz, being a homeowner is great but the last 2 months dicking around with our insurance has been fucking ridiculous. It was sorta fun for a week or so to not have a fridge, like an extended camping trip, but not so much anymore. 

I've been working my south-paw to the bone on a new series of woodcuts focusing on fauna of Wisconsin. Here are some sneak peeks before I start printing tomorrow.

 fox, fern, arrow, & moon. rabbit, snow berry, thistle, & star.

 badger, laurel, & candle flame.

and one of my favorite Wisconsin animals, Pai.
Not having a fridge blows as resident cook Jonett has kept busy working on a few new batches of wine which I am eying with great anticipation....

 bubble, bubble, my little friend.

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