Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Responsibility & Commitment

July. Already.

This spring/summer has left Jonett and I dazed in shock from the whirling dervish of events that have occurred. I finally graduated from college with two degrees (rhetoric & art),  bought a house, and started my own business (

Starting up my etsy shop has found me busting ass for days on end, audibly wishing there were more hours in a day as I designed, carved, cut, cleaned, printed, stuffed,  and sewed all of my super rad textiles. I spent almost two months doggedly (and fruitlessly) job searching before throwing up my hands and saying "fuck it" and deciding to fully commit to making art full time.

Das Haus!

So, yeah, we bought a house. We moved from a teeny tiny (600 sq ft) 1 bedroom to a huge 4 bedroom house nestled in the lush woods of the Minnesotan countryside. Jonett and I clung to one another in a "Oh-my-stars-&-garters!" moment as we realized we would be buying the first and only house we looked at. Lourrrve at first sight, my friends. It is a bit strange to have to start identifying as a Minnesotan, though we are only 7 miles or so from the Wisconsin border.

One of the key selling point for us was the above amazing screened in porch. It is so fantastic to sit out there, currently on our haunches, as we have no outdoor furniture yet.

One of our 3 super cute rabbits! We have 2 girls, Whiskey & Bourbon, and 1 boy, Rye. They're a very rare breed known as Silver Foxes, they're still quite young but as they mature their dark fur will start to silver.

We've been moved in for about 3.5 weeks now and it's been super rad, to say the least. Except that Jonett managed to break our shiny fridge the night we moved in (for realz). Its been not so fun living in a house with no fridge, I really miss cooking things that don't come from our chest freezer, but hopefully our insurance co gets back to us soon so we can purchase a new one. 

I'm gettin' super itchy to start some home improvements and updating, I'll def post some in progress photographs as they occur.

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  1. Your house looks amazing and congratulations for your graduation. I graduated last year and it feels like freedom lol.

    Thank you so much for your comment. It was lovely ;)

    Jenny ÂME ROUGE